March 2006 (page two)

A kiosk outside the gates of the Topkapi palace

the second gate

a marble fountain with the symbol of Istanbul on the tap

more of the many buildings inside the grounds of the Topkapi Palace

a sundial

a view of the old city walls that once ran along the sea of Marmara

along the back wall of the Topkapi, looking over Gulhane Park

From the Army Museum.

The Mehter (Janissary marching band)

The Blue Mosque

Istiklal Caddesi....the best place to hang out at night.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Kiosk on the Hippodrome

Blue Mosque

Buildings are often fit in at interesting angles.

The Turkish Automobile and Touring Club has renovated the charming Ottoman houses below the Topkapi into hotels.

St. Irene's

the road down the hill from the Topkapi that leads to the Archeological Museum

The graveyard of orphaned columns and sarcophagi outside the Archeology Museum

Gulhane Park

A cool popcorn popping contraption

a tower inside the walls of Gulhane Park

a beautiful, ornate little kiosk that's been turned into a snack shop

a cemetary